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If You Want to Enhance Your Brand’s Social Presence, Start With Your Personal Marketing

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Social Media Marketing World took place in April and I am sure if you attended your head is still spinning from all the insights you gained from the sessions. For those of you who did not attend, I want to share some unique insights from Guy Kawasaki’s Personal Marketing session with you.

You are probably wondering, “what does personal marketing have to do with social media strategy?” The short answer — MORE THAN YOU THINK.

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The personal image that you, as a marketer, along with every other employee at your company really do matter. If your company wants a reputation of being innovative then its leaders and staff should show a theme of being innovators within their personal branding. If your company’s mission is to be thought leaders within your industry then thought leadership should be reflected throughout the personal marketing of  its leaders, executives, and everyone else who follows suit. Company branding aside, your online presence should reflect the personal brand you want people to see. Because let’s face it, people are always judging.

And we can’t help it. If I am looking to hire an agency to outsource my marketing to and I look up the VP of Digital Marketing’s LinkedIn profile for a potential vendor and I see an empty profile, blank avatar and no updates or activity I am going to make many negative assumptions. Maybe they are not as modern with digital and social media as they claim to be, perhaps that they don’t value online marketing as much as I do or maybe they are way to busy to simply update their profile and they will be too busy to dedicate enough time and attention to me as a customer. These are a little extreme but I can go on and on with assumptions. They point is, these impressions that we get from one’s personal marketing matter and can positively and negatively reflect the company.

Now don’t get confused! When I reference “personal branding”, I am not talking about just your or profiles. I am talking about ALL OF IT.

All of your social profiles make up your personal marketing/branding and if you think clients, employers, customers, reference, and the competition are not going to check out your Facebook and see your picture of you doing a keg stand at your bachelor party -and judge- you are wrong. As Guy Kawasaki advised his son, it is not about what platform you use, it is about what platform they (your clients, employers, customers, reference,competition, etc) use and are looking for you on.

Still don’t believe that your brand image matters or impacts  your company’s image? Well Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of Social Media had much to say about the topic at #SMMW16. If you don’t know who Guy Kawasaki is and you are in social media then we have bigger problems but essentially Guy is not only a social media guru, he has also perfected his personal marketing by working with companies like Apple, Canva, Mercedes Benz, and UC Berkeley.

In his Social Media Marketing World session, Guy confirmed that personal marketing is a big deal and attest to in order to be successful at it, you have be able to “adapt to changes, build relationships, and set trends that catch on like wildfire”.

Here are a few of the key takeaways from Guys session:

  • Be strategic with your avatar (profile photo)
  • Every profile is your professional profile
  • Use a 3rd party tool to schedule your media post
  • Repeat your tweets and use media
  • Live video on Facebook
  • Use Hide for unwanted comments
  • Upgrade your video equipment
  • Use (I personally recommend using as well because I use it for this blog …and it is free)

To learn more about what is good and poor personal marketing, Guy provided the audience with a quiz to give yourself a personal marketing audit. Take the test, answer HONESTLY and let me know what score you got!

Online Brand Management

Better Check Yourself Before You Reck Yourself: Personal Branding

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Let me state the obvious. Your social media reputation is IMPORTANT . Now, what are  you doing to manage it. Before you decide what steps you can do to manage it you need to determine what persona do you want the world to know.

Do you want to be viewed as a professional, or a socialite, politically savvy, an expert, a free spirit, a goof-ball, a party animal, etc.? What image are you giving off on your social media profiles.

Regardless of how you want to express yourself you need to keep in mind that your online history is like a tattoo. It’s permanent baby! And if you want to later in life remove the “what was I thinking” image off your body, know that it is very painful, time consuming and possibly expensive and there will always be a hint/scar left. Check out Juan Enriquez’s TED talk on “Your online life, permanent as a tattoo.”

One thing that most people say several times throughout their life is “If I only a knew” or “If I could go back in time”. Don’t be that person saying “If online I knew that this would come back to haunt me” (I am talking about you Alicia Lynch who posted a picture of herself as a Boston Marathon Bombing victim shortly after the actual bombing)Don’t be that person who gets fired from work for what they post on their social media profile. Read a few recent instances of people getting fired because of facebook.

Convinced yet? Great. So how do you manage your social media reputation? Its really simple ladies and gentlemen. Consider looking it your online presence this week and evaluate the following:

  • Would I want my parents, siblings, or child to see this photo/post?
  • Would I want my boss, potential employers, coworkers, subordinates or client to see this photo/post?
  • Am I allowing or writing posts that may be offensive to other people or reflect badly on my character (guilty by association)?
  • Are my Facebook friends using discretion when posting  pictures of me?

Along with your evaluation Google, Bing and Firefox yourself. Go past the first few pages of search results and check all videos, images and web content. If you end up finding something your don’t like reach out to a social media reputation management agency for getting it off if you can’t do so yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not telling you to suppress who you are and your freedom of expression. I am simply telling you to use digression when posting because it may bite you in the ass one day. I am all for freedom of expression so, if you want to post personally content that you don’t want certain people to see then take a few minutes to go to your security settings and change your privacy settings to a stricter setting (its very simple). Be more selective of who you accept into your networks (separating family, friends and coworkers). Don’t be so content of growing your following numbers unless you are prepared to let everyone know your business. Remember six degrees of separation. You are closer to people than you think.

Your social presence and online reputation is a reflection of you for the rest of your life. Don’t mess it up with one post.