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To Sell, You Can’t Just Write. You Must Persuade.

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I am sure you have heard many times that when it comes to marketing and social media “Content is King”. I say if Content is King then “Quality is his Queen”. Despite the overwhelming amount of content available online today, the quality of content outweighs the quantity by far and you will see a better ROI with persuasive content.

How you ask? Well think about it. When marketers write about ideas, stories or training versus about highlighting the product, prospects will want to read what they are saying. Prospects will also be more willing to share the content or leave a comment because they are not being directly solicited to. With this approach, marketers are acting as a resource, or a thought leader or even a peer and people will do business with people or brands they feel a connection with. The quality and persuasiveness of content helps readers to like brands and feel connected.

Ray Edwards, author of Writing Riches and MoneyWords, says that copy writing is the science and craft of persuasion in communication. Whether you’re speaking to an audience, writing a blog post, doing an interview, recording a podcast, or posting on Snapchat, every communication is persuasion.

I learned a lot from listening to the Social Media Examiner’s interview with Ray Edwards. It is a podcast that explores the art of persuasion and why it’s important to social marketers.

I think the material Ray shared is very useful. You can listen to the podcast recording here.