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about me - social krystal - helloMy name is Krystal Rose and I pride myself in being a Content Creator and Trusted Advisor for Marketing Strategies.

Social media, while relatively new to the overall timeline of communication tools, has changed the way people communicate with one another, how consumers purchase and how businesses engage with customers.

My goal is to empower companies and individual users through social media insights and strategy.

Since 2009, I have been providing marketing and analyst services to companies ranging from start-ups to billion dollar global enterprises in varying industries. In 2013, I leveraged my marketing experience and started a Social Media Consultation service for brands seeking to start or enhance their social media marketing strategy. In 2015,  I was recruited to join the Oracle marketing solutions team as a Solutions Consultant.

I am currently a Customer Experience Consultant for Oracle as well as the founder of a new travel-based company called Soul Wanderful.


Content Marketing: A listing of articles/infographics published for Oracle and media sources


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The content I post is strictly my own views and do not reflect the views or business practices of my employers, partners, and or affiliations. #OracleEmp. If I post content on products, tools, services, software or any material on brands in this blog, that does not mean that I endorse them. I currently only provide consulting services on social media tools and strategy for Oracle Solutions.


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